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Mr. Ruben J Burgos is Founder / Owner and Architect of Urban Media Global Network Collective & Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network in association with its syndicated programming of Hip Hop’s Road To Riches. The independent media mogul has set new boundaries in music, fashion and film as well as cars. He is the established owner of World Star Battle Grind, Urban Media Global Records, Urban Media Global Model, Urban Media Global Magazine, Urban Media Global Club Events, Urban Media Global Travel, Urban Media Global Spot Light, Team Dope Chef, Fords Magazine, Chevy Magazine, AirCooled Magazine, Drives Magazine among many more business developments of being known in multiple industries helping craft new trends in technology architectural design, marketing and digital management. Mr. Burgos experience coordination marketing efforts to achieve key objectives in every business venture he has applied his-self to. He is a self-starter with a creative eye for design and recognized ability to effectively manage multiple, high priority projects while maintaining a superior standard of work. His projects in the film industry are highly effective and has creative services for artist project management and marketing communications leading strategies in fast pace environments to bring in projects on strategy, his experience and skills innovate, assemble, effectively organize, and coordinate divergent element required to exceed expectations. He is a entrepreneur, strategist, and producer with a passion for video blogging and social media community networking / web design and coding development. With the Revolt TV network expanding Mr. Burgos Aka Mr. Dope Chef has opened up “Hip Hop’s Road To Riches” to the market of syndicating projects to revolt’s film production submission for development. The Multi-tasked individual with an eye and skill set for dominating different lines of industry developments is a perfectionist in every aspect of digital technology. Mr. Ruben J Burgos is also a poet and author of one of the top Poetry Literature books in United State of America: The Life Collection of Mr. Ruben J Burgos (2015), Your Love Through My Eyes (2016), Death’s Blueprint “A Poetic Suicide” (2017), and Brooklyn’s Written Street Bible (2017). He is the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Poetic Republic Poet Award winner, Cider Press Review Book Award winner, National Book Award for Poetry Winner, Richard Wilbur Award winner and many more accomplishment awards in distinguished and growing his body of work to date representing a notable and accomplished presence in American Literature.


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