Hillside Auto Mall Digital Dominates Market of Dealerships!

Hillside Auto Mall Digital Dominates Market of Dealerships!

April 15, 2018
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Hillside Auto Mall is first car dealership to revamp its presence and dominate the car industry independently. In the beginning of 2018 Mr. Ray Banks (Owner of Hillside Auto Mall) is the first auto dealership to go worldwide with it’s digital car cross domain technology syndication platforms. Mr. Banks saw the digital market as a new customer satisfaction tool to help the consumers have an informative choice in making a life decision and in doing so aligned Hillside Auto Mall with Urban Media Global Network Collective / Car Dealer Now LLC. partnership of innovative marketing and development. The partnership ran a beta test for three months and was amazed by the return on investment, cutting advertisement cost and putting out triple the content of media and happy customers was a benefit.

Hillside Auto Mall owner Mr. Banks partnered with Urban Media Global Network Collective / Car Dealer Now LLC. owner Mr. Ruben J Burgos, who is a digital wizard on business design, development and strategy. In the three month Beta of programming the new Car Dealer Now collective the joint venture has become the solid foundation into the new era of digital car sales.  Mr. Burgos has a technological leading digital automotive optimized marketplace that creates meaningful connections between buyers and sellers. Launched in 2018 and headquartered in Queens, New York by this partnership Hillside Auto Mall has increased tremendously with the digital formatted ingredients for the perfect Car Dealer Now recipe.

Hillside Auto Mall has always been involved in community affairs that unifies the surrounding area through cultural diversity events of empowerment, church organized events, community sport events, community board events to give back and continue to help others with our blessings of always being appreciative to the community that made Hillside Auto Mall the brand it is. The process of going into any dealership may be hard with pushy sales men and good talkers who know how to manipulate your choice and decision, but at Hillside Auto Mall there is none of that, Hillside Auto Mall doesn’t have car sales men they have car specialist that guide you and answer any question or concern you may have and that is why on Social Media Hillside Auto Mall is the Number One auto dealership in the New York City area. There niche isn’t even a incentive it’s just plain science, You Work You Drive, Good Credit, Poor Credit, Bad Credit, You Approved. Hillside Auto Mall has bank loan specialist that can help you with your pre-approval with access to more then twenty seven banks there approval rating is at 99.8%.

For the latest inventory visit there website at www.hillsideautony.com



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