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Quality German Auto

May 5, 2016
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Quality German Auto

If you think that Quality German Auto stands for just quality VW engines, transmissions and parts relating to our hobby only, you’d be wrong. They not only carry an extensive collection of various engine sizes and power levels for Volkswagens, but they also specialize in all kinds of German machinery, from BMWs to Audis to Mercedes-Benz. They are the only direct importer of German used auto parts, therefore keeping the price low on rebuilds, but why get them from Germany, when there are so many engines available right here in the United States? Good question, and the answer is that it has to do with the weather. In Germany, cars rust faster than engines wear out, so you’ve got a perfectly good used engine in a not-so-good used car. The two are separated and the engine finds its way to Thomas Hennings of Quality German Auto

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