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Super Project ’71: Exterior Parts and Equipment

May 6, 2016
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Super Project ’71: Exterior Parts and Equipment

This is really where the car starts to near completion. This is the exciting time of any project, because, at the end of this story, the project is as good as done. Provided we had a battery and the coil was hooked up to the distributor (and a couple of other small things we’ll cover in the final installment next month) we could drive away, knowing we have a perfectly restored 1971 Super Beetle.

But we’re not there yet. The workbench in our shop is cluttered with a wide variety of parts all destined for the exterior of our Super. Some of the parts we need are difficult to get so we were forced to use our original parts for now until replacements can be found, but everything else is brand new, straight from a few of our local VW shops.

To meet our deadline of the VW’s birthday (September 3, 1970), we’ve only got a few days remaining to get the car finished, so we’d better get started.

Well, there you have it. We crammed several days worth of work into 40 pictures and five pages. Of course, we could easily write a 200-page book on the restoration of this Super Beetle, but we’re happy that we are so near the end that we can almost feel the wind in our hair and hear the oh-so-smooth engine humming us down the road.

Next month we plan on showing you a couple of the details we still need to do to call this project 100 percent done. This includes an alignment, some interior installs, a couple of engine tweaks, a new battery and a road test. In addition, you find a full feature of the project car in beautiful color. Until then, stay Super.

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