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The 100,000th Beetle is for sale!

June 1, 2016
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The 100,000th Beetle is for sale!

This 1966 Beetle sedan is documented to be the 100,000th vehicle to roll off the VW assembly line in Emden Germany. And it’s now for sale on eBay.

Randy Carlson from Oldbug.com is the current owner of the car and has been driving it around for the last year. It really is a remarkable piece of history.

Randy tells us about the car:

“The car is all original and unrestored and has a heavy dose of Mother Nature’s aging process. The paint has faded through on all panels and it has it’s fair share of dings and dents. It does not look like it has ever been in a serious accident and all panels appear original to the car. The passenger side rear fender looks to have been resprayed, but the ages have made it match the patina well. There is a little rust under the battery side of the floorpan and a couple other spots here and there, but overall structurally it is quite sound. The car had a later model engine in it when I received it that was frozen solid, so I searched and located a proper 1300cc 1966 engine to replace it with and have gone through the brakes and fuel system to make the car operational. It is currently registered and insured and drivable. The seats must have been recovered at some point as the material is not factory stuff, there is one missing door panel and the original carpet is gone…but the rest of the interior looks all original, the paint on the dash shines brightly, the original radio is in place, etc. The patina of the car is consistent inside and out and as an artefact it shows the ages of time very well. I sat on the fence for quite some time considering to restore or preserve and decided it was as exciting a find all worn and untouched as it would be restored, and it was better to leave it as it is and just clean and enjoy it.

“Close inspection of the car shows two details that are the most important in the documentation of the history, the first being a brass or bronze plate under the front hood that was attached at the factory that reads 100,000 Werk Emden Made in Germany. The second being a grease pencil inspection marking on the drivers side hood hinge that reads 100,000. I have replicated the original display sign shown in the factory photos and have put together a similar garland for the hood that is included in the sale as well. ”

The birth certificate from VW is included in the sale along with two photographs of the car coming off the assembly line showing the celebration. “In all my years of working with and searching for VWs, I have never seen a milestone car such as this in private hands,” Randy explains. “The only other VWs I have seen that have photos of them coming off the line are cars within the VW museum in Wolfsburg! ”

So if you would like to be the owner of a remarkable piece of history you should check out the eBay auction and think seriously about making a bid!

Article Source: www.volksworld.com


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