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Volkswagon ending New Beetle production

May 3, 2016
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Volkswagon ending New Beetle production

Ending the string of “New” cars with old names;Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang, New Beetle, the new Beetle is ending production this year. I personally can’t stand this glut of redesigning the style of the old car with newer lines and luxuries.

Just call the car another name, please! Call these new cars by a new name, because in all honesty, performance and lovability – no one is passionate abut their NEW Charger, their NEW Mustang, or their New Beetle. The original cars were the best, and the original names carried a mystique and a lifestyle. To label these newer cars as being close to the same – heresy!

Anyway, here is the link – if you like the “New Beetle” Oh, and by the way, Volkswagen plans on replacing the New Beetle with something “beetleish.” I am curious about this one. After the introductions of the Aos and the CC, I have to admit that I am really curious to see the next step.

Article Source: www.theclassicbeetle.com

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